Go to the cult’s headquarters

From Create Your Own Story

You are in no hurry. Why not check by headquarters and see if anything interesting is going on?

Something you definitely notice about putting a bunch of Satanists in a mansion (and the mansion being their headquarters) is all the shagging taking place. Since the Satanists embrace the mortal sins (unlike the rest of the world) there is no problem exercising your lust in public places. You often see people walking around naked, having sex or even raping someone in the headquarters because the cult sees those things as perfectly natural. Any form of sexual intercourse is accepted by the cult, even the ones where one of the participant isn’t in on it. This place has become a home to you, a place were equal-minded people hang out and you feel sad every time you leave.

As you enter the mansion you step into a great hall. Often the Hall is used as a meeting place for gatherings. There is also a small balcony on the wall which connects to your leader Vladimir’s bedroom.

There is however one person within the cult that you don’t like. Her name is Natasha. You have nothing personal against her, it’s simply the fact that she is higher up in the food chain than you are. Natasha is Vladimir’s lover and personal bodyguard. She is a half white, half black lady and former super model. But she isn’t only prettier than you; she can also kick your ass. You have seen her take out a dozen men with her bare hands and not even break a sweat. She has this goddess-like aura around her which drives you crazy. Now she is standing on the balcony connected to Vladimir’s bedroom, completely naked so that everyone can see her fully naked glory with a superior grin on her face.

Your hatred towards Natasha isn’t really a problem for the cult because envy is a mortal sin and therefore it should be embraced.

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